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sliming factor

Society always puts  a lot of pressure on women to have the perfect, meizitang botanical slimming capsule thin frame, but no one takes on the pressure more than teenage girls.  To teen girls, becoming celebrity-skinny becomes overly important; according to a group of Meizitang Strong Version local Reitz High School sophomores, they discuss dieting and exercising on a daily basis.  With young, thin, famous influences like Taylor Swift and Miranda Cosgrove, teen girls feel the pressure to have the perfect body every time they turn on the television, change the radio station, or walk past a rack of magazines at the grocery store.  This pressure can be consuming, so much so that teen girls often go looking for an easy way to get fast results
A study conducted in 2006 at the University of Minnesota became a popular topic to inform parents of teenagers increasing use of diet pills.  Two groups were studied for five years: one group consisted of seventh graders, and the other began with high school juniors and seniors.  The results showed that both groups increased their use of diet pills throughout the five years; however, by the time the seventh graders reached their junior and senior years, they had surpassed the other group Original slim xtreme blue in their intake of diet pills.
Since most teen girls feel the need to hide their issues, they often resort to unhealthy ways of losing weight such as taking laxatives, skipping meals, vomiting.  Studies show that teenagers who resort to these ways of losing weight are three times as likely to be overweight.  Boys experience the pressures to look good, as well, however boys are twice as active as girls, and are half as a likely to take diet pills according to
Parents of teens should not avoid the issue of weight and should let their teenagers know that those famous girls and boys they see on TV have personal chefs and trainers, and they work hard.  Encourage your teens to get involved in a sport, or spend half the time they spend watching television outside playing with the dog or going for a bike ride.  Get involved as a family: cook healthy meals instead of taking the easy, fast-food way out and even take family walks.  Be a supportive, active parent; you have to be that positive influence that your children are looking



Jun-06-14 10:54:40


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Re: sliming factor

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