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Resin Driveways Poole, Resin Driveways Dorset

Bound Resin Information

The system uses high tech epoxy resin to completely bind natural aggregate into a beautiful, uniform paving solution. Bound resin surfaces are ideal for driveways, foot paths and patio areas. We have twelve standard finishes available, we can also create your very own bespoke finish with or without decorative features.
Key Features of  Bound Resin Surfacing

    Permeable – Eliminate standing water and puddles
    Seamless Finish – Ideal for wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles
    Low Maintenance – Virtually no ongoing maintenance is required
    Choice – Large range of colour options
    Stability – No loose surface stone, colour remains true in sunlight, crack resistant
    Traction – Provides excellent traction in winter for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic

    Add value to your home with a beautiful bound resin drive, path or patio. Non slip, no standing water or puddles and eco friendly.

Permeable Surface Planning Guidance

After the changes to the permitted development rights planning laws in 2008, owners wishing to re surface gardens and driveways without planning consent must use a permeable paving solution such as our bound resin surfaces. This means you won’t have to apply for planning permission.

Traditional type surfacing such as tarmac, block paving or concrete require planning consent if the area is over 5 Square Meters. This involves having scaled pans drawn up, a planning application fee and up to 8 weeks delay before a planning decision follows.

Bound resin surfaces require no planning consent.
Why use a Permeable Paving Solution?

Flooding has caused misery and disruption to countless people and billions of pounds in damage. Often this is caused because drainage systems were unable to cope with increased rainfall and non permeable paving solutions in towns and cities. Traditional surfaces such as tarmac, block paving and concrete have put our ageing drainage systems under increased pressure and significantly increase the flood risk.

SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) are a number of water management practices and facilities designed to allow surface water to drain in a way that provides a more sustainable way than the conventional practice of routing water through run-off pipes and water courses. Our bound resin surfacing is fully compliant with SUDS.

Resin bound Surfacing is permeable, thus allowing surface water to drain through the surface and back into the water table. The finish is also more attractive and flexible than concrete and other traditional surfaces.

Add Value to Your Home. Our highly attractive finishes add real ‘wow factor’ to your home. Whether it’s a home improvement for your enjoyment or in preparation for a sale, our beautiful drives, paths and patios can add significant value to a property.

Resin Driveways
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Resin Driveways Poole



Jul-20-14 02:07:59


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Re: Resin Driveways Poole, Resin Driveways Dorset

Do You Want to Learn cheap Oil Paintings

In today's busy and rushing world, there are many people who feel stressed out and tensed up. Hence, having a favorite hobby can help greatly. For those who love painting and are not familiar with oil painting, simply take the initiative to learn oil painting.

As you may know, there are many types of painting like watercolor painting, Modern Painting and ink painting. In simplified terms, oil painting refers to the form of painting using pigments and drying oil. Compared to other forms of painting, it is very versatile. You can create opaque or transparent forms of painting.

Normally, an artist starts out with a sketch of the subject onto a canvas using thinned paint or charcoal. A canvas is usually made of linen or cotton fabric, which is cheaper than linen. The canvas is then pulled across a wooden frame. Later, it is either stapled or tacked tightly to the edges of the frame.

For paint brushes, you can opt for synthetic or natural brushes. Nowadays, you can easily buy synthetic brushes, which are cost saving, and durable. Kolinsky sable is considered to be the finest among Abstract oil  Paintings the natural brushes. All these brushes are sold in various sizes to give different painting effects.

Round brushes are normally used for detail Abstract oil  Paintings work while flat brushes are used for applying broad swaths of color. The first coat is applied to tone the canvas and cover the areas, which are isolated from the acidic properties of paint. After that, a mosaic layer of colors follows it. There are two main methods of painting called fat over lean and wet-on-wet for painting of the form.

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Re: Resin Driveways Poole, Resin Driveways Dorset

Genuine oil paintings are a perfect and affordable way to enhance the beauty of your home. They come in all shapes and sizes and are very unique. They are also painted on different types of material such as cardboard or canvas. These are also genuine oil paintings that usually cost millions of dollars. We're talking paintings by some of the most renowned painters in history. However, you can have genuine oil paintings without paying millions for them. There are plenty of artists out there today who produce these genuine oil paintings and sell them for pennies compared to what some of the most famous works have been sold for. What's great about these oil paintings is the fact that the only ones like them are the ones that have been copied. However, no one can paint a duplicate quite like an original.

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